Crewkerne Bowling Club

Triples Competition Rules

The standard UK bowling laws will apply to all games.

Each game will consist of 15 ends.
There will be no trial ends or visits to the head.
A coin will be tossed to decide which team will have the jack first.
Dead ends must be replayed.
Dress code:      Greys
Play will commence at 6.15pm unless otherwise stated by the organisers.

Teams will consist of four or five players.
If a team cannot field three players they may request that another player who has signed up for the competition joins their team to enable the game to go ahead. This player must only play as the lead. Teams may not ask for more than one player per game.
Where possible it is the responsibility of the player who is unable to play to arrange a suitable replacement.

Team Captain’s and skips responsibilities:
To decide their teams players and positions, ensuring that each member is allocated a fair share of the games available.
Notify their team members as to when they will be playing and arrange substitutes when required.
If a player who is unable to play cannot arrange a substitute due to ill health or other circumstances the team captain (or deputised team member), should make the necessary arrangements.
To ensure that each team members match fees are collected and given to the organisers immediately after the match.
In the event that one or both teams are unable to play, the team captains may rearrange the match at a date and time convenient to both teams. Matches should take place before the following Wednesday’s fixtures. The team captains must inform the organisers of any mutually agreed alterations to the match fixtures. They must also ensure that the organisers receive the score cards and match fees as soon as possible.
Skips are to ensure that score cards are correctly filled out during the game and handed back to the organisers at the end of the game.
If a team captain is unable to carry out their duties due to holiday’s or illness etc they should ask another team member to take over their role during the period that they are away.

A winning team will receive three points.
In the event of a draw each team will get one point
If a team is unable to play their opponents will receive three points

Inclement weather:
In the event of bad weather skips may agree in consultation with each other and the organisers to abandon the match.
If eight or more ends have been played the score will stand.
If less than eight ends have been played the match should be rearranged.
Spare Wednesday evenings may be used for this purpose.
If it is not possible to rearrange the match each team will be awarded one point. 

Competition winners.
The winners will be the team with the most points at the end of the competition.
In the event of a draw the winning team will be decided on shot difference, for example if team A scores 12 points and team B scores 10. The shot difference points will be shown as team A +2 and team B -2.
If the teams are still drawn after both points and shot difference have been taken into account the winning team will be the team that has won the most ends throughout the competition.
In the unlikely event that the teams are still drawn they will play a deciding game, the number of ends to be agreed between the captains and the organisers.